Ridiculously Fast
Satellite Internet

Robust, secure and reliable satellite internet platforms that provide cost-effective, professional, enterprise-wide connectivity for markets, governments, and militaries.

Superior Uninterrupted Coverage
to meet your internet Needs

Our network delivers uninterrupted coverage to two thirds of the globe by satellite – and this extends across the planet through unique GSM roaming capabilities. Customers know they get something different from us. We address all key market sectors, and we’re customer focused.

Satellite Internet

Internet over VSAT solutions through Ku-Band, Ka-Band, and C-Band satellite links with special focus in the Middle East, Central Asia, Africa.

Marine Internet

Marine connectivity with a purpose-built, fully-featured maritime satellite terminal that provides best-in-class data rates of up to 444kbps.

Aviation internet

In-flight connections for internet access, voice calls, text messaging, high-speed data applications , VOIP, onferencing, video streaming & more

Satellite IP

Convert voice, data and video from IP into Digital Video Broadcasting stream by our satellite teleports strategically located worldwide

Custom Solutions

Structured Cabling, Disaster Recover, WLAN, IP Tv, Video conferencing and More.

We Connect Rural Lives
with satellite Internet

Our blazing fast satellite internet solutions bridge the digital divide in rural areas with unlimited data allowance, tiered pricing and minimal contract duration.

Lower Latency with Lower Costs

Settle anywhere without worrying about the stability, reliability and security of your internet connection.With a guaranteed uptime of 99.98%,  your work is free of government interference and your data is protected and confidential under EU data privacy laws.

Same Day Installation
Unlimited Uploads & Downloads
Perfect Reliability,Flexible Bandwidth and Seasonal Coverage

ISAT,s rural satellite infrastructure provides subscribers with uninterrupted high-speed & low-cost Internet anywhere in the coverage area.

We are Trusted

The world’s largest companies, Governments and NGO,s trust us for a reason. We deliver fast.

Solutions for every Industry

Employing the best of  breed technologies in digital satellite internet, we deliver products and build remote capacities wherever we operate. Our support remains unparallelled with state of the art data centers strategically positioned across the Middle east ad

Oil and Gas
Educational Institutions
Law and Order

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You are Going to Love us

Our services are state of the art, our installation timings are fast and our pricing is surprisingly awesome. It remains our guarantee that you will stick with us forever!