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ISAT specializes in providing satellite communications systems and services to corporations, ISPs, and government agencies operating in remote locations with an under-developed communications infrastructure. Our engineers have helped forward thinking businesses, and government agencies operating far from headquarters, break free from the constraints and insufficiencies of their terrestrial networks with field-proven satellite technology – a robust, secure platform that provides cost-effective, enterprise-wide support for virtually any broadband data, voice or video application.

Satellite Solutions for every need

Whether the required solution is for a small business, requiring VSAT connectivity and a small LAN network, a major corporation or a government agency in need of a complete turnkey solution automating its workflow and communications; ISAT is committed to delivering the most advanced, practical, reliable and cost-effective solution to its customers. We have a long list of projects implemented in countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan and also a lot of countries in Africa.

Rich Scope Service Provider

We are a full scope ICT, ELV and SATCOM System Integrator and Solution Provider for governments, Oil and Gas, Mining, Construction, Security and NGO verticals. We provide full scope of ICT and ELV services in the Middle East and Africa markets.


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We combine satellite with MPLS or direct FO cabling with microwave last mile where needed, to provide the most cost effective solution with the reliability needed in our customers’ application.

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