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Effective, high-speed, wide-reaching and Reliable Satellite Broadband Services We provide cutting-edge, Ka-band, broadband satellite service that delivers reliable, high-speed internet connectivity to users in areas with limited or no internet access, at costs comparable to current terrestrial services across Middle East, Africa and South West Asia.

Widespread Coverage

We provide state-of-the-art satellite technology to send and receive high-speed broadband internet signals in 28 markets. Our services are available across specific regions in 28 countries in South West Asia, Africa and the Middle East: Afghanistan, Angola, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Cyprus, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kenya, Kuwait, Lebanon, Nigeria, Oman, Palestine, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Sudan, South Sudan, Syria, Tanzania, Turkey, UAE, Yemen, and Uganda.


Unrealistically Fast

High speed internet connection almost anywhere in Africa, Middle east and South east Asia

Quick Turn around

Same day or next on premise installation guaranteed.

Super independent

Completely independent of traditional connection mediums such as ADSL and GSM/3G

Unlimited Uploads

Unlimited uploads (not counted as part of the monthly data allowance)

Unlimited Downloads

Unlimited downloads during the Free Zone (01h00 – 06h00) for consumer and business packages

Static IP address

Available on all service plans

Get Interneted
at a fraction of the cost

Our satellite Internet offerings are available in a range of packages that suit any environment and user segment, right from basic internet access for home users through to high speed service plans for corporate users. We offer unlimited uploads and it’s also quick to install, which means that you no longer need to wait weeks for installation or put up with poor signal and cable theft.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s everything you wanted to know about satellite Internet

Internet-by-satellite, also referred to as satellite broadband, is a high speed internet connection made via communications satellites instead of a telephone landline or other terrestrials means. It provides a bi-directional connection, meaning the possibility to download and upload data between the internet and your computer. It’s the only broadband solution for those who live in areas without or with slow terrestrial or wireless/mobile broadband access. Satellite Internet is an immediate gap filler, possibly whilst waiting for another solution (such as ADSL or fibre etc.).

Internet-by-satellite solutions are not complex. They require an antenna (a white satellite TV-like dish, though slightly bigger at 70 cm diameter) connected to a modem inside the house (as for traditional solutions): this replaces the connection to the copper network through the phone line or to the fibre. There is no need for any specific software application on the Personal Computer. The positioning of the antenna is a bit more accurate than for a TV-antenna, so a guidance system (generally sound-based) is incorporated. The antenna can be installed by an average user. Legal authorization is not normally required for installing a satellite dish but it is recommended to check local legislation for possible similar restrictions in historic areas or areas of natural beauty. No specific procedure towards the Telecommunication administration is required to install the satellite dish (in other terms, no specific radio-equipment licence or fee is needed).

Maximum monthly data allowance is in practice more important than speed. For example, a monthly allowance of around 10 GB allows frequent internet usage, including downloading music, video clips and movies such as:
– exchanging 5000 mails of 1 MB each
– and downloading 500 documents of 1 MB each
– and posting/downloading 150 photos of 1 MB each
– and browsing the web 10 hours per day
– and downloading 100 music pieces of 3 MB each
– and streaming 20 video clips of 60 MB each
– and posting about 1 hour of iPad videos
– and downloading 4 Standard Definition movies (typically 700 MB each) or 2 High Definition movies.

Offers vary in terms of speed and data allowance, but are typically equivalent or even better than traditional ADSL broadband:
– Up to 20 Mbps download and 6 Mbps upload
– As with wireless technologies, most subscriptions are capped in term of monthly data use.
A 10 GB monthly volume is often associated to a 20 Mbps download subscription
(down to around 2 GB with speeds of 2 Mbps).

Downloading and uploading files is as fast and reliable with satellite broadband as with ADSL. Web surfing is the same as other solutions.  Internet Service Providers (ISP, also referred to as “ Distributors”) offer 99.5% guarantee for the service (i.e internet connection). Some ISPs propose a minimum speed guarantee, providing the maximum data allowance is not exceeded.  Triple play packages (Voice Over IP, VoIP) based on satellite solutions are now available: internet, TV and voice with the same internet dish (reversely, TV-only dish cannot be used for internet services). Satellite broadband also allows supporting video-conferencing. The latency impact (0.5 second delay) is not considered as annoying by the users for the voice applications.

Satellite broadband does not allow massive downloading and video streaming because of the limitation on the monthly volume allowance (typically 10 GB per month, allowing downloading several standard definition movies). Video streaming quality is not affected by the volume limitation. Satellite broadband is not well suited to online “fast twitch” or “first person shooter” interactive gaming because of longer delay (0.5s latency) than that of fixed broadband. It will work too slowly with buffered periods. Satellite broadband will work fine for “turn-based” games (e.g. chess). Internet-by-satellite works when it rains, even in heavy rains. New technologies are much less sensitive to rain than a few years ago because they allow maintaining the link while adapting the data rate to rain conditions. The performances are in line with availability specifications (better than 99,5%). In very high rainfall areas, the sizing of the dish is adapted to secure the link. Only heavy hail can generate short outages.Due to the shortage of IP addresses in some countries and to the Europe-wide coverage of satellites, IP addresses provided for internet – by – satellite services might not always have the same nationality than the customer. In case of specific need for a national address, it is recommended to check in advance the availability with the Internet Service Provider.

Several sophisticated mechanisms and encryption algorithms ensure a high security level during the “on-air” data transmission between the user premises and the satellite, and between the satellite and the internet backbone. Concretely, every modem connected to the satellite is protected thanks to a unique MAC (Media Access Control) address, i.e a unique identifier assigned for communications on networks. Beside, all data transmissions are fully encrypted in order to ensure confidentiality of the transmissions, as well as of the transmitted information.

Satellite broadband presents absolutely no danger for health (neither dangerous radiations nor electro-magnetic pollution).

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